How to customize your Home Page using Zenfolio

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I'm  currently revamping my site, and after quite  bit of research figured this out and decided to share it here.  This is based off of the Modern Tog's ebook:  START HERE
The Photographer’s Guide to
Building a Website that Gets Clients
By Jamie M Swanson of
The Modern Tog

While I'm happy to expand on the tech details, if you have questions about content, get this resource.  


How to create a custom page and make it my home page in Zenfolio


  1. Open up zenfolio to your dashboard
  2. On the toppish of your screen is a menu with “website” as an option, hover over so the drop down menu appears
  3. Click on “custom Pages”
  4. Click on “+New” to create a new custom page
  5. I recommend calling this page “Home”, assign the page a title
  6. Now you have a blank Canvas to make your homepage however you like, it will still follow your chosen theme
  7. First thing I did was go into photo shop and put my defining statement and a fake button on my Signature image.  You will have to upload it to your site into a gallery like you do with any other photo here.
  8. Next, click on the photo button in the blue bar above you blank canvas.
  9. Under select content, pick the gallery your image is in, and find your image. Click on your image.
  10. At this point you can add a title or caption if you like, but I left those blank. 
  11. Click on “set options” where it says Click action, hit the carrot and change that to “Go to URL”.  You will then need to type in the URL of where you want people to go when they click on your photo.  This will be mobile happy J
  12. Next click on “set layout”.  This will decide where your sig image sits and size.  I chose “auto fit to width” as its size, and it does pretty good. 
  13. In that same box, make sure “Browser scaling” is marked to “scale”.  I recommend sticking to your theme as far as the border goes. 
  14. In the same box, “Layout” I chose “inline with text” not sure it matters.    Last part is spacing around the image, and I left it as is, 10 pixels
  15. Now go to the bottom right of your screen and hit the orange box “Insert”  yay your sig image, defining statement, and call to action are ready.
  16. Next your 300 words (check out the ebook in page 41-43 I think there is helpful advice about what to write)  I recommend writing it out in word so you have grammar checker and word counter.
  17. After you have the content ready, you should be looking at the bottom of your image.  I like a little space between the image and text so I pressed enter a couple of times.
  18. Copy you text from word, then go to the top of your canvas using the page slider, leave your curser where it is, and select the clip board with the W on it, this will allow you to paste from word.
  19. A dialog box will come up, click inside the box and right click and choose the “Paste” option.  This will allow your font choice and size to come over to zenfolio.
  20. Now you can clean up your text, fix anything you don’t like, change fonts, placement, color, add links all from using the standard options above your custom page. 
  21. To make something a clickable link, highlight it, and then click the icon that looks like a chain link, or two connected circles.  A box will appear asking for your url again and if you want it to open in a new tab or not.
  22. To add small images amongst your text, move your curser where you want to add an image and hit the photo button in the blue bar.  Pick your photo and click it like before, it will look big, that’s ok, you are not done.
  23. You can make them clickable like we did for the sig image if you want to, or skip down to “set layout” image size, I chose large thumbnail, but you can even put in a custom size so pick what you want.  Here is where “Inline with text” becomes important, if you want to move it around your text, you may want to choose this, I recommend it, or it will sit in it’s line by itself.  Good news, you can come back and edit this if needed. And of course, Insert when completed.
  24. Play around with everything until you are happy.  Then I would hit the orange and White button that says save and Preview. This way you can see a visitor view before you make it go live.
  25. Ok now to set this custom page as your home page, Go back to your dashboard.
  26. On that top pull down menu there is an option called “settings” go ahead and click on Settings.
  27. Now the page looks like old zenfolio again.  On the left side in the grey is “Website” written in blue.  Click on that.
  28. Now the word “Home Page” is viewable under website, go ahead and click on that.
  29. Now select/mark the circle next to “Zenfolio custom page”
  30. A carrot is in the box under that select the carrot (or small triangle) and choose your home page
  31. Click the orange button SAVE
  32. Now look at your site, so pretty

Glad I could help


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