To inspire is to fill or affect with a specific feeling or thought.  Good art creates an emotional response, it inspires you.  It inspires personal growth, creativity, family connections and self-confidence.  Art reminds you of the good within you, and inspires you to bring it out.

“Wow, is that me?  I’m beautiful.”

“This is the first time I ever really felt like a woman on the outside as well as the inside”





To empower is to give power or authority to, authorize, enable, or permit.  Art empowers you to be yourself, to be the best that you can be, and to take social action.  Art gives you the strength you need to fulfill your dreams.

“After everything that has happened, I needed this.  I needed to feel I have value again.  Divorce did not destroy who I am.”




To rejuvenate is to restore, refresh, make young again, make fresh, or renew.  With the newness come happiness, relief and joy.  Refresh yourself by discovering your beauty again and experiencing the process of becoming art.

“This is so much fun; I can’t believe I waited so long to do this.  This was just what I needed!”




Be Art.

Art is what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.  You are art.  Now it is time for the beautiful you to beautifully hang on your wall.  Dana Barrett Photography is all about making that happen for you by producing beautiful fine art portraits.  We are located in Franklin, Tennessee and serve the Nashville area. 

“Just wow... I am completely speechless.   I love them all!”

“These aren’t pictures, they are art.”




Your Project.

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